5 Tips to make money from Online Casino in Malaysia

Many are wondering if it is possible to make a living out of gambling and thought that the idea of it seems silly. However, the truth is, it is possible. We have seen many professionals making millions of dollars from gambling and beating the Casinos are their own game. Ironically, professional gamblers are making more money than small business owners! As a result, we do not think that the idea of making a living from gambling is ridiculous, instead, it is very realistic and achievable in this modern world. In this guide, we are going to reveal top 5 tips for you to improve your chances of winning cold hard cash from the Casinos.

1. Be discipline

First rule of making a living out of gambling is staying discipline. This practice has been ignored by amateur players because they think the notion of staying discipline is – for the lack of better words – boring and childish. This has proven to be untrue by professional gamblers. When we interviewed professionals from WSOP, all the pros mentioned that discipline is the most important factor for staying profitable in every betting ventures. They moved on to explain that, in many cases, amateurs always turned their winnings into loses because they are affected by their emotions and greed. This is a very common mistake by newbies and remember to avoid it at all cost. And hence, if you want to be a professional player, be discipline!

2. Choose an authentic online casino

There are thousands of online casino websites out there, nevertheless, only few of them are legitimate. According to a survey published by a well-known research company, almost 80% out the total online gambling websites are found to be unauthorized and illegal. Hence, make sure you are always playing at trusted and authentic Online Casino sites. Playing at untrusted sites can potentially put your money at risk. For example, when you purchase the in-house chips with your real hard cash, you might not be able to exchange the chips back to cash, making you losing every single cent of your money.

Reports are saying that those illegitimates sites are offering very high winning rates for their slot machines, creating an illusion to outsiders, and attracting more players. But winning money from online Casino platform is only best when you can withdraw and feel the money on your hand. Or else, the money will only be stuck inside their platform as ‘in-game credits’.

That’s why you are not recommended to play at untrusted sites. For your safety and assurance, you can gamble via MEGA888 Original & Authentic Casino. We offer 100% money-backed guarantee, where you can withdraw your money anytime you want, even when you are winning big! You can download MEGA888 Original Slot Game from MEGA888 Download. For your information, MEGA888 is being ranked as the number one Online Casino in Malaysia due to its high chance of winning and popularity. Furthermore, it is by far the most user-friendly Online Slots in Southeast Asia.

3. Swing the odds to your side

Without many knowing, all different slot games come with different win-rate and payout ratio. For example, MEGA888 Original and Online Slot Games always offer far higher winning rate and payout multipliers. As a result, those who are looking to make a career out of Online Casino is recommended to try out MEGA888 as the starting point due to the fact that it is much easier to win money from MEGA888 compared to any other online casino platforms. And if you wish to play or learn more about MEGA888, you can login Game MEGA888 at MEGA888 Login.

Knowing the odds of every slot machines is crucial but requires a lot of effort and commitment in terms of research. However, the extra effort taken will grant you an extra edge in terms of winning the game. Try to spend time and effort learning the right strategies and methods in order for you to get on top of the game by positioning yourself in the right slot machines to win big. You’ll be rewarded for taking the extra miles!

4. Play Smartly

The most sensible way to win money out from Online Casino is to play the game smartly, and very importantly, do not be driven by emotion. In terms of strategies, don’t bet with RM10 on slot spins if you are either on or left with RM50 budget. Or else, you will soon find yourself running out of money even before you started!

Instead, change the strategies to playing each round with a smaller bet, let’s say RM1. When compared to the previous strategy, this will potentially increase the rounds you can play by 50 folds! With the same budget, playing with RM1 will grant you 50 chances of striking a big or smaller jackpot, whereas you only have 5 chances of winning if you bet on RM10 spins. That is one of the classic examples on how to play smartly.

5. Don’t bet on superstitious

Every Online Casino game comes with its own in-house built software, generating random outcomes to ensure that every card dealt, or spin is decided by pure probability. Religious superstitious will not help you a bit and don’t get fool by it. Your beliefs won’t break the Online Casino systems, which are completely controlled by mathematics and probability.

Rather, here are some of the ways to improve your odds of winning. Firstly, stick to the plan and budget. Don’t go over your budget and strictly adhere to the plan at all time, regardless of whether you are winning or losing. Secondly, brush your self-development and be discipline. Being emotional in gambling will get you nowhere and being discipline will bring you far – keep this in mind. Lastly, be patient.  You can’t rush yourself to win money, good things just take time. For example, do not rush yourself by betting a relatively big portion of your budget on a single bet – it’ll burn your chips!

In conclusion, the above revealed 5 tips on how to win money from Online Casino in Malaysia. Read every single one of it and learn it by heart. Be sure to practice and learn to adhere to the 5 tips given. With patience and, of course a little bit of luck, you can easily make a career out of gambling in Online Casinos. We wish you the best in your future journey!


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