Top 6 winning tips for MEGA888 Online Casino

MEGA888 is among the most famous Online Casino in Malaysia. In fact, Game MEGA888 offers relatively higher win-rate compared to other online casino in the world – not many people realize this. MEGA888 APK can be downloaded from MEGA888 Download site. The download is absolutely free of charge and doesn’t take up much storage of your phone.

This write-up reveals top 6 secret winning tips for Game MEGA888, covering internal and external influences. Make sure to read until the very last word because every content here provides extremely valuable tips for all online players, especially to the newcomers who just started exploring online or physical slot machines.

1. Know your budget and target

First and foremost, before start playing any online slot games, be it MEGA888 online slot games or conventional and physical slot machines, understand yourself first. And for this, we did not mean knowing your internal ‘soul’ or whatnot. However, we meant something more practical, and that is, your budget and goal.  

Having a budget is crucial and responsible gambling is very important. Do not go over what the budget. It is also very important to avoid gambling on borrowed money. We always like to think of gambling as a sport, rather than something that can generate wealth – therefore, enjoy yourself while betting on the slot games.  

Other than understanding your own budget, it is equally important to know how much you want to win out of every gambling ventures. Lay down the plan and it will help you to focus better. Remember to stick to the plan and not loose sight of it, and by doing this, it could potentially increase your win-rate to the highest.

2. Start small and roll big

In order to win big in every slot game, it is crucial to bet the right amount of money. With bigger bets, come bigger rewards – this basically applies to all sorts of ventures, including businesses. However, we do not recommend starting with big bets right at the beginning of every game. We strongly advise all the gamblers to start small first, and when you feel the luck is on your side, scale up the bets accordingly and win big money.

The goal at the start of every game should be familiarizing oneself with the system and feel the luck. This specifically applies to slot games which you have not played before. In this case, we like to warn every player to be cautious with their hard-earned money. Do not go or bet big on slots which you have never played a single round before.

It is also wise to start small and then roll the bet bigger once the momentum is building up. Start small does not mean unambitious, rather, it meant intelligent from the perspective of gambling strategy. It is unwise to let emotion to lead your decision making especially when betting on Online Casino. If not careful, you could easily burst your pre-set budget – so be wise and place bets smartly.

3. Aim for smaller jackpots

For many novice bettors, they like to aim for big jackpots because of the excitement and the huge payout ratio. Nevertheless, the method of targeting big jackpots to win big money is already outdated. The modernized ways of gambling is to aim many small jackpots, and if cumulate a numbers of small jackpots with sizeable bets each game, it will win you big amount of money.

The reason to target smaller jackpots is simple – because it is a lot and much easier to strike small jackpots compared to big jackpots. Statistically, the probability of getting a small jackpot is about 100 folds higher than the probability of getting big jackpots.

To carry out this strategy right, there are 2 important criteria. First, you are required to play many rounds because the goal is to strike many tiny rewards and accumulate up the winnings. Second, sizeable number of bets are required for each game, otherwise, the tiny jackpots will not build up sufficient rewards.

4. Test the slot games and choose the right slot

The most untold secret about online slot game is that different slot game offer different payout ratio and rate. You might have experienced this before. For example, it is much easier to win in some slot machine, even without yourself realizing it.

In fact, this is true. Every slot machine comes with different internal setting, and as a result, offering different probability of getting a win. Smart players always know which slot game offer the highest win-rate and stick it that game all the time. We strongly recommend serious gamblers to survey on every slot and stick to the best ones. This will tremendously improve your chances of bringing money home.

5. Practice with free credit

Before you can win, first you must understand. This is one of the best quotes for serious bettors. Many times, people lose money in betting was not due to lack of luck, instead, it was mostly due to lack of understanding. Hence, familiarize yourself with the platform first with test account or free credit before putting in real hard-earned money.

Refer to MEGA888 Login page to locate MEGA888 Test ID with free credit for free gameplay. Just key in the ID and password, then you will be able to try out all the games under MEGA888 Online Casino. Please use this opportunity to get the momentum on the game. And when you have enough confidence to win money through MEGA888, then purchase credits from our MEGA888 agents, and subsequently, bet and win. It was as simple as that.

6. Know when to stop

Knowing when to stop is more critical than knowing when to start. Many times, unskilled players turned big winnings into huge loses because they are greedy and don’t know when to call it a day and take those money home. As we have mentioned many times before, do not let emotion to affect your decision making. Instead, stay calm and calculated. Upon hitting the target return, call it a day and convert the credit into real cash – a bird in the hand is worth more than 2 birds in the bush (keep in this mind).

It is easy to argue that oneself will continue to win money because of the luck, but realistically, the luck will run out and your winnings will turn into loses soon. As a result, stop the game before that happens. Take the cash home and give yourself a break and treat.

In conclusion, learning the very basics of gambling can potentially increase your chances of winning significantly, if not maximum. This guide lays down 6 secrets of winning MEGA888 online. Do also check your gambling tips to learn more about it. Make sure to absorb every tip listed above. Last but not least, apply whatever you have learnt today and we you the best!


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