Welcome to MEGA888 download official Website. We provide genuine and latest version of MEGA888 APK download for everyone, and most importantly, it is free of charge. Anyone who is interested to get MEGA888 download link for free, just feel free to contact our 24/7 customer service team – they will guide you through all the necessary steps to get your MEGA888 original slot game all set.

To keep the MEGA888 game App always updated, our IT professionals are constantly updating it so that everyone visiting this webpage gets to download MEGA888 latest version. We have categorized the MEGA888 APK download into two different files, namely MEGA888 Android download and MEGA888 IOS download. One supports Android devices and the other support IOS devices. You can just select the either one which suits your mobile devices.  

For your convenience, we have prepared the step by step instruction in the following sections. What’s more, we have provided visual contents to help you to better understand the guide. In total, we have 9 steps for which you can follow so that you can download MEGA888 new version and get the slot game ready to start betting real money on it!

How to Download MEGA888 APK?

Step #1: Look for WhatsApp Icon within MEGA888 Online Official

How to download Mega888

At the bottom right of this page, you can easily spot the WhatsApp icon – it leads you directly to MEGA888 official WhatsApp chat. For mobile users, just tab on the icon, and you will be directed to a Live Chat with our customer service. And similarly, desktop users can just swipe their cursor and click on the icon, however, pre-login to WhatsApp Web is required.  

Step #2: Click on Play MEGA888 button

how to download Mega888

After opening the WhatsApp icon, a chat box will pop out, as shown in the photo provided in the above. “Play MEGA888” button will be embedded in chat box. In order to get in touch with our customer service, tab on the button, and then, you will be directed straight away to MEGA888 official WhatsApp chat as shown in the next step. It is also important to highlight that you can also request our agents to create a MEGA888 login account for you, and it is without charges.

Step #3: Request for MEGA888 download link

How to download Mega888

The third step involves interaction with our Live agents. Following the previous section, you should have arrived at our official chat by now. In the typing box, please indicate to our agent that you want to download MEGA888 APK. You can save your time by copying exactly what is being shown in the attached photo above – you don’t have to think about what to type, just copy and paste!

Normally, our sales and marketing team will reply within minutes. However, please do allow them to have some buffer time as they might be engaged with other clients. Be patient!  

Step #4: Click on the MEGA888 download link

#4 How to download Mega888

Next, our Live agent will send you MEGA888 APK download link – it is always updated, free of worries. Besides, we do not charge a single cent throughout the process. From there on, you can just press on the link to get MEGA888 new version for free play.

The link provided is fully secure and under the purview of MEGA888 Online. MEGA888 has taken every necessary step to keep every user secure and safe throughout their interaction with our online platform.     

Step #5: Select MEGA888 APK that suits your device

;#5 How to download Mega888

Subsequently, you will arrive at a landing page for which you can download game MEGA888. It is important to highlight that this is the only official MEGA888 download link 2020 – latest and most recent version.

Refer to the picture, MEGA888 download APK will be separated into two different boxes, one for MEGA888 APK IOS and one fore MEGA888 APK Android. Select the one that fits your mobile device and you are good to go. For your information, MEGA888 test ID and password are displayed in the landing page as well. For those who are interested, just key in the ID and password in MEGA888 Login homepage.

Step #6: Proceed to download MEGA888

#6 How to download Mega888

Select MEGA888 APK free download based on your respective devices. Android users can go for MEGA888 Android download and IOS users can go for MEGA888 IOS download. Pick one, press on the icon (either Android or IOS), and after, your device will automatically download MEGA888 APK.

For instance, look at the circled area, it indicates that your device is downloading the file. Be patient and wait for your device to fully complete the process. Upon completion, proceed to follow the next part as stated below.

Step #7: Manually allow the installation

#7 How to download Mega888

Right after your download completes, then it is time for you to install APK MEGA888. Don’t be afraid, the whole process is much easier than you have thought. Please be reminded that you need to manually allow it. But as for now, you can just open the file, the installation will start automatically. However, for you to do this, you would be required to do some manuals task as stated in the next part.

Step #8: Allow the installation from unknown sources

#8 How to download Mega888

This step involves approving the installation manually. Every device, whether it is Android or IOS, will block unknown installation at default. To bypass the default setting, just tab on “allow the installation” – as circled in the picture. No worries, MEGA888 APK download here is always safe because it is under our trusted website. Your device is guaranteed to be safe under our coverage! Or otherwise, you can refer to Verizon on how to allow installation from unknown sites.

Step #9: All set and ready to go!

#9 How to download Mega888

Following the previous part, a new menu will pop up after you allow your IOS or Android device to install the Slot Game App. This is the easiest part, just click on “ok” button, then you are all set and ready to go! This marks the final process in this guide. Upon completion, you can start playing and win money through MEGA888 Original App. A gentle reminder, please register a Login ID and purchase In-Game credit. Otherwise, you can always use a demo ID or test account to have a feel on the Game MEGA888.

MEGA888 APK Download

MEGA888 APK download link can be requested from Live Agent via Chat Box. Just follow the guide listed in the above. Long story short, you can easily download MEGA888 APK via WhatsApp with complete security and guarantee. Besides from providing MEGA888 APK IOS and MEGA888 APK Android download for free, we are also taking the initiative to update and upgrade MEGA888 game App regularly, as a result, the slot game is always updated. For more information on what exactly APK is, you can find out in What is APK.  

How to Update MEGA888

The following method specifically applies to those who have downloaded the slot game App from unknown sources. If you have done this previously, uninstall it from your mobile phone right away (provided if you have already installed previously). If you have gotten it from other websites, uninstall it right away to protect your phone from potential harm. It is unsafe to download from unknown and untrusted sources. Due diligence before you take any action. After that, you can get MEGA888 App download and install it. In future, it will auto update itself, freeing you from all the worries.

How to download MEGA888 Android and MEGA888 IOS

Download MEGA888 Android or MEGA888 IOS from the MEGA888 download 2020 – it provides direct access to the latest version of MEGA888 original slot game. As per the instruction given above, we have categorised it into two different files, which are MEGA888 APK IOS and MEGA888 APK Android. Select the right version accordingly, for example, pick whichever fits your mobile devices.  

How to register MEGA888 Login ID

Register MEGA888 Login ID via official WhatsApp at the bottom right of the page. Our agents will work on your request right away. All the online players are highly advised to only contact with MEGA888 agents through our Live Chat, this is to protect and secure your money. Upon successful registration, proceed to login MEGA888 – enter your ID and password. Select a slot game and you are good to go. Start playing and enjoy yourself!

MEGA888 download link for free

MEGA888 Download Android & MEGA888 Download IOS

This section covers a little bit on what we have done in the past and our success story. MEGA888 is a famous Online Casino in Malaysia, and on top of that, our brand is being recognized internationally in the South-East Asia region. We have strong footprint in several countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. We thank our worldwide footprint due to our innovation in the online casino industry, as we offer an online slot game platform where convenience and users’ experience is in the top our priority.

Over the past few years, we have successfully handled more than 500,000 APK MEGA888 free download, allowing us to be the most trusted online casino service provider in Malaysia. As a result, online players in Malaysia have developed strong affection and relationship with us throughout the years. We are proud of the impressive results that we have achieved, and we would like to take this opportunity to appreciate all online slot players for their relentless support. Our team promise to continue to improve the system to serve you better.

Through the interaction with the online users, we have been improving MEGA888 online game by working on our players’ feedback. From time to time, we will update it, incorporating all the feedbacks we receive from our customers and our new features which are under development. Ultimately, we want to create the best experience for all players. To add on, if you prefer to have MEGA888 free play, you try out our Test ID in MEGA888 Login.

We offer download MEGA888 APK. No extra charges are required, this is in line with our objective to provide a free online gambling platform for all players in Malaysia. As for now, MEGA888 is not available on IOS App Store or Google Play Store. After the free download, proceed to install it. After the installation, you can start gambling on MEGA888 Online Casino at your will.

If you do not have an account, please contact us through use the chat box below. Our teams would help you to set up an account as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have enquiries, we are happy to help you out. We sincerely hope that the content in this Website provides great value to all the readers. Finally, we wish you all the best in your daring journey!

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