Top 3 and best Online Casino Platform in Malaysia

Serious players are always looking for the holy grails and best Online Casino Games to win money. To be honest, winning money from Online Casinos are not ridiculous, given the fact that many professional gamblers have made a comfortable living out of gambling in Online Casino Games. As a result, do not be discouraged when you lose a little money from it, instead, learn your mistakes and try to avoid them next time. In our opinion, money should be won by online players to compensate for the risk they are taking and the efforts they are putting in.

One important fact has often be ignored by amateurs, and that is, all Online Casinos in Malaysia and round the globe are offering different chances of winning and payout multiplier. Differentiating the good ones from the bad ones are crucial for you to make money consistently. This is due to the fact that a good slot game can offer you higher chance of winning compared to a bad slot game, and as a result, tremendously improving your end outcomes – or bagging money home.

Hence, this time, we are going to dig into top 3 Online Casino Games that can offer you the highest probability of winning while keeping your risks to the minimum. Our team has spent huge amount of time and energy to study each of the famous online slot games in Malaysia. In terms of the scope of work, they have spoken and surveyed existing users, tried out their own luck via all the pre-identified online casino platforms, and did a research and study via online sources. After all the hard work, they have identified the following online casino games to be the best among all.

1. MEGA888

In terms of ease of winning, the Online Casino Platform that is being ranked in number spot by our certified analysts is Game MEGA888 Online Slot. The reason is rather simple, 3 out of 5 users wins money from MEGA888 Malaysia under our coverage. The probability is higher than 50%, in fact, it stood at 60%, which is the highest we have ever seen. It is no doubt that MEGA888 is the most preferred Casino Game in Malaysia due to the reason stated previously.

Based on our analysis, among all the casino platforms under our study, MEGA888 is not only giving the highest win-rate, but also, giving the highest multiplier for jackpot wins. You can play it via MEGA888 Login, refer to the link for more step-by-step guide to Login MEGA888. The biggest jackpot can offer up to 150 times multiplier. For example, if you had bet RM100, the MEGA Jackpot will turn your RM100 into a hefty RM15,000!

Such a payout ratio is not to be taken lightly. One more at it, the chances of striking the MEGA Jackpot is relatively high, when compared to other Slot Games. Our study suggests that MEGA888 Jackpots occur at a rate of 1000% more frequent than any other slot games, on average. And that is why, many old and experienced players often stick to MEGA888 Online Casino. The best way to win consistently is to position yourself in a game that maximizes your win rate. If you are interested with this game, you can download it from MEGA888 Download.

2. 918KISS

Next in the line is 918Kiss Malaysia – a relatively famous slot game platform in Southeast Asia. Based on my pure memory, 918kiss is being founded in 2012 by one of the biggest casino owners in Asia. Since then, with intensive advertising and massive marketing budget, 918kiss quickly swept across Asia and became one of the most recognized and popular Online Casino in the region.

Interestingly, 918kiss Online acquired such a position was not mainly due to the marketing effort by the Casino tycoon, and rather, it offers a quite attractive probability for bettors to bring cold hard money home. It is rumored that once there was a bus driver in Singapore won close to a million Singaporean Dollars from 918kiss slot games, becoming a millionaire within a single day.

Besides from the story, 918kiss is also being favored by local people because it has a very user-friendly interface, allowing even first-time player to go through the Game App with ease. Compellingly, good interface always gives users a good first impression, and hence, making them want to come back and play again next time. For instance, MEGA888 has attracted a large number of loyal players due to its modern and simple interface. Casino game developers have always taken this into one of the main considerations whenever they are developing the app.

3. XE88

Last but not least, XE88 is also being considered among the best based on our analysis. Many people will not recognize XE88 because it is a very new Slot Game App. Despite of its unpopularity, players can win money easily from the platform – and many people are not even aware of it. However, XE88 has been gaining popularity recently after it hosted an online event that has successfully attracted close to 5,000 online visitors from Malaysia.

For your information, XE88 is a decent gambling platform, offering reasonable chances of getting jackpots as well as bonuses. Our analysts have also gotten a decent experience playing XE88 slot games, in terms of bagging money home. For this study, we have deployed 3 analysts to study the game, and two of them succeeded in cashing out, albeit a very small amount – bringing a single cent home is better than losing your fortunes. We treat the result as encouraging and would recommend to anyone who wants to try their luck via XE88 online casino.

In short, for those who would like to maximize their chances of winning, you can conveniently stick to these 3 games, or namely, MEGA888, 918Kiss, and XE88. After all, we have spent so much efforts into finding the best for the readers and all of you can reap and enjoy the benefits for free – which is the best thing in the world, and yet people said that there are no free lunches in this world. Anyways, this guide can serve as a point of reference who are studying all the different online slots in Malaysia.


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