Register a MEGA888 Login ID via MEGA888 official Website.


Buy MEGA888 Credit and Deposit Money into your MEGA888 Login ID.


Download MEGA888 APK and install it in your mobile devices.

Step 4: Start Winning 

Pick your MEGA888 Favorite Slot Game and start betting to win money from MEGA888 Official,  

Step 5: Withdraw Money

Withdraw your money from MEGA888 Official anytime you want. Our customer service team will transfer the money to your preferred bank account.

Step 6: Play Again

Come back anytime you want if you feel like the luck is on your side. We welcome you all the time!

MEGA888 Online offers casino players a variety of MEGA888 slot games to place their bet on. Through MEGA888 Online, we provide a secure and genuine space for players to wager on MEGA888 Original Slot Game from the comfort of their home, without the need to travel to brick and mortal Casinos.

We believe gambling is moving towards online, and hence, we are pioneering the development of Online Casino in Malaysia. We are blessed and honoured to receive all the necessary and relentless support from the gambling community in Malaysia.

As the sole authorized MEGA888 operator, we provide MEGA888 APK download to online players all around the world. Refer to MEGA888 download for the step by step guide to download MEGA888 Original APK – here, we listed down all the necessary procedure to download MEGA888 IOS and MEGA888 Android for your mobile.

Besides from providing MEGA888 APK download for free, MEGA888 Online Malaysia also manage the creation of MEGA888 Login ID free of charge. Online players can refer to MEGA888 Login to learn how to create a MEGA888 account for free. Long story short, just contact us via WhatsApp button at the bottom right of this Webpage. And after that, request our MEGA888 online agents to create a unique login account for your usage.

How to play MEGA888

Getting MEGA888 Online ready in your mobile phone is first thing you need to do before you can start betting on Slot Game MEGA888. And many beginners are not aware of the procedure to get MEGA888 Original Game App ready in their mobile devices. To guide the users through all the necessary procedure, we have come out with the definitive guide. Here at MEGA888 Online, we are listing down the step by step procedure and guide as below:

#1 Understanding MEGA888 and What is MEGA888 Online

In simple terms, MEGA888 Online is an online slot game for which casino players can place their bet on. Unlike physical casino, MEGA888 Original game offers gamblers to play slot games from the comfort of their home. This has ultimately eliminated the time needed to travel to physical casino, and thus, improving the convenience of playing slot machines.

Game MEGA888 is being ranked as one of the best online casinos in Malaysia as it provides user-friendly and intuitive interface – players will not need to crack their head to adapt to it. And on note of that, MEGA888 online is one of the safest online casinos in Malaysia.

#2 Find a reputable download source

Without a doubt, there are hundreds of sources for which you can download MEGA888 from. However, not many of them are trusted sources, in fact, only few sources are reputable. We need to reiterate that it is unwise to download MEGA888 APK from unknown sources as it might potentially put your mobile devices under threat.

As a rule of thumb, only download MEGA888 APK via MEGA888 original and official operators. However, public will not be able to identify authorized operators. To save yourself from trouble, we are one of the authorized MEGA888 operators. Therefore, it is strongly advisable to download MEGA888 slot game via this Website.

#3 Download MEGA888 APK

MEGA888 download link can be requested via this Website. Before you can start placing a bet on MEGA888 Game App, you must first download MEGA888 APK. Check out what is APK here. It is highly recommended to download MEGA888 IOS or MEGA888 Android via this Website as we provide complete assurance and security. On note of that, download MEGA888 Original APK from other sources can potentially put your mobile device under harm. To learn more about phone security, read Phone Safety Tips, this will improve your awareness and knowledge on phone protection.

For step by step instructions, you can refer to MEGA888 download page in this Website. We have listed down the procedure for those who do not have a clear understanding on how to download MEGA888. Just follow the steps given and you are good to go.

#4 Install MEGA888 Original Game App

After finishing your download, the next step is very intuitive – that is, install the MEGA888 APK. On note of that, you need to manually allow for the installation as mobile devices block installation from unknown sources by default. Rest assure, the installation is 100% safe. To know more about allowing installation from unknown sources, refer to Allow Installation Guide.

#5 Register for a MEGA888 Login ID

After completing the installation, you will have a MEGA888 App or icon on your mobile device. However, before you take any steps further, you are required to have a login ID. After the installation, you can register a MEGA888 Login ID by contacting us through our WhatsApp channel. As we are the sole authorized and licensed MEGA888 operator, all players and users must register an ID under our umbrella – this is to guarantee and ensure your safety.

Registering for MEGA888 Login ID is as simple as downloading it. What you need to do is to engage with our trusted MEGA888 agents via our official WhatsApp. To register for an account, just tab on the WhatsApp icon on the bottom right of this Website – you will be directed to our WhatsApp chat right away. Just mention to our MEGA888 agents that you need a MEGA888 Login ID, they will process your request without any delay. Besides, you are required to determine your password for that account during the registration process.

#6 Login MEGA888

You should own a MEGA888 Login ID by now – this is a pre-requisite if you want to play MEGA888 online slot game. For those without an account, just refer to step 5 for more information – we have pretty much covered it in a detailed manner. After successful registration, just open up MEGA888 Game App. On the Login page, key in your respective MEGA888 Login ID and password.

#7 Purchase MEGA888 credit

Every new account comes with zero credit. To bet on slot game MEGA888 original, in-game credit is required. And of course, online players can always try MEGA888 test ID, which comes with free credit. However, MEGA888 test ID lacks the fun as you won’t feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins – it’s not your money, anyways right? To feel the real fun, bet with real hard cash.

It is very easy to purchase MEGA888 credits. As a rule of thumb, contact MEGA888 agents via our WhatsApp chat (tab on the bottom right icon of this page). Just let our agents know the amount of credits that you want to purchase. After your payment, the service team will pump in the credit into your MEGA888 ID.

From our side, we accept Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal as the methods of payments. In other words, for online transfer method, we accept Maybank, CIMB, Hong Leong, Public Bank, RHB, AmBank, UOB, City Bank, and other local banks – for more information, please contact our customer service to get the latest updates. Once the payment has been verified, the credits will be transferred into your MEGA888 ID.

#8 Start playing MEGA888 Online

This is the final step of this guide. Basically, the previous steps listed under this guide covers all the necessary procedures to get your MEGA888 Online App ready. To continue Step #6, there are hundreds of online slot games after you successfully logging into Game MEGA888. Up until now, all it needs is to select a game that you prefer the most. By now, you are all set and ready to go! Browse through the MEGA888 game list, select a slot, and bet on it. Start playing and enjoy the slot games!

MEGA888 original App with online slot game

About MEGA888

We are the only authorized and licensed operator in Malaysia. It is important to highlight that this is the only MEGA888 official Website in Malaysia. We manage the creation of MEGA888 ID, credit purchases, and customer service. For your safety and assurance, kindly download MEGA888 APK and create MEGA888 Login ID through this Website.

In line with our objective, we offer authentic MEGA888 download link for free as well as MEGA888 Test ID featuring MEGA888 free credit. In Dec 2016, we hosted our first live event in JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur and the response from the public was overwhelming – we counted over 12,000 visitors at that point of time.

Slot Game MEGA888 is a Top-Rated Online Casino – famously known as the best online slot in Malaysia and Singapore. We are being ranked in the Number One spot in terms of popularity in Malaysia for 5 consecutive years since 2014. Our popularity has been increasing tremendously over the years and are being welcomed by the local gambling communities.

MEGA888 Online Casino allows players to gain access to a list of games for which they can place a bet on. Since the grand launching, Mega888 has become the most famous online slot casino in Malaysia and Singapore. It is famous for its modern interface, ease of use, and extremely high rate of jackpot.

MEGA888 Malaysia consists of various games, each has its own unique design and pay-out ratio. device. Without many people knowing, MEGA888 Original Game App offers extremely high win-rate across all the slots under the MEGA888 Original Game App. In one study conducted by our internal research team, 2 in every 5 of our active members have struck at least once for MEGA888 Jackpot in the year 2020.

To maintain our top position, we are committed and will continue to provide the best experience for all our online users in the future. Our IT professionals are working endlessly to improve the users’ experience by updating MEGA888 game App from time to time. Due to our relentless effort to upgrade App MEGA888 and our obsession over maximum customer satisfaction, we received high ratings among the online gambling community. Besides, our operating standard is comparable to that of  Caesar Palace Casino.

How to get MEGA888 credit

MEGA888 credit can be easily purchased from our trusted agents via our official WhatsApp chat. You could contact them via WhatsApp – at the live chat bottom. Besides, for free gameplay, you can access our MEGA888 test ID with free credit. The Demo ID is especially helpful for all the new players. Therefore, make yourself comfortable with the App first before betting using real money.

How to withdraw MEGA888 winnings

If you are reading this, it might suggest that you have already won some money either by a jackpot or consistent small winnings. Congratulations! Once you start winning, you would see MEGA888 credit piling up in your ID. It would come to a point where you wish to exit and lock in the profit. You are 100% welcome to do that. If you have the luck, we challenge you to win the money from us!

If you wish to withdraw your winnings, please kindly contact our customer service to convert your winnings into real hard cash! Our service team will transfer the money quickly and safely into your preferred banking account. The process is 100% secure and it is guaranteed by us. You can view past winners at MEGA888 Winnings.

Is Mega888 a safe and genuine Game App

Absolutely yes, provided if you download MEGA888 APK and purchase the credit through this Website – the official MEGA888 Home page. MEGA888 is considered the best Online Casino in Malaysia for the following reasons:

  1. We own the license for MEGA888 and operate the App under our umbrella. We are the sole authorized company to operate it in Malaysia.
  2. We have a team of IT professionals working on network security relentlessly to keep your MEGA888 login ID safe and secure. Your safety is guaranteed by our professionals.
  3. We have an excellent group of customers support – they will attend your inquiries 24/7. Our customers support is trained by the best and hold the highest standard of qualification.

What devices does MEGA888 support

MEGA888 fully support Android and IOS devices. As for now, MEGA888 does not support PC. However, we are upgrading Game MEGA888 App to support devices with different operating software. For those who want to download MEGA888 Original App, visit MEGA888 Download Page and follow the guidelines below:

  1. For iPhone users, please select MEGA888 IOS download. The download link is represented by IOS icon.
  2. For Android users, please select MEGA888 download Android. The download link is represented by Android icon.

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